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Summer Financial Aid

Summer Aid Information

For the vast majority of students, summer aid eligibility will follow the academic year.  For aid purposes, summer is a continuation of the preceding academic year.  As such, the application process, in most cases, has already occurred.

Application Process

Currently Enrolled Students – All students wishing to receive aid for summer must complete the FAFSA from the current academic year.  If you are a currently enrolled student in the spring semester who has already filed a FAFSA prior to the intended summer enrollment, you will be considered for aid eligibility automatically once you enroll for summer.  If additional information is required, you will be notified by an email sent to your official UNC-Chapel Hill ONYEN email address.  In most cases, though, a financial aid award with be automatically calculated for you and will be posted to your ConnectCarolina Student Center financial aid page based on your summer enrollment and the financial aid application materials you submitted for the prior fall/spring year.

New Students – If you are entering the University in the summer for the first time, to be considered for summer financial aid:

  1. Check to see that you meet all eligibility requirements described in the Eligibility section of this site.
  2. If so, complete a FAFSA covering the academic year immediately preceding the intended summer enrollment.
  3. Register for summer classes.

With your FAFSA filed and your summer registration in place, you will automatically be considered for summer financial aid.  If additional information is required of you, you will be instructed by an email sent to your official UNC-Chapel Hill ONYEN email address to visit your ConnectCarolina Student Center financial aid page and review your ‘To-Do’ item(s) there .  You may check your aid application status any time at your ConnectCarolina Student Center.  However, once your summer award decision is posted, you will also be notified by an email sent to your official UNC-Chapel Hill ONYEN email address instructing you to visit your ConnectCarolina Student Center financial aid page.

Dental or Pharmacy Students Performing Rotations – If you are a dental or pharmacy student who will be performing a rotation during the summer, you will be automatically considered for summer financial aid as indicated above in the topic “Currently Enrolled Students”.  However, if you believe you will encounter extraordinary costs associated with performing your rotation that are above the usual costs covered by a financial aid award, you may submit a request to be considered for additional funds.  Be aware that the only additional funds available to you should you qualify would be loans. Click this link to submit an optional request for consideration to receive additional loan funds to cover your extra rotation expenses.


The University defines full-time enrollment for the summer as 4 hours for undergraduate students and 3 hours for graduate students in one of the summer terms.  To be eligible for a summer Federal Direct Loan, students must be enrolled on at least a half-time basis.  Therefore, students enrolled in half of the above hours for either term, will be considered for a loan assuming all other eligibility requirements are met.

Available Aid Programs

Please see a description of these programs in the Types of Aid section of this site

Federal Pell Grant – Available to undergraduate students based on enrollment and financial need. This award will be at an amount that is prorated based on the shorter summer period as compared to the academic year.  Summer Pell Grants are not available to students who have already received their maximum, full-time grant amount in the prior academic year.

Federal Direct Loans – Available to students enrolled half-time who have not exceeded their annual limit in the current academic year including the prior fall and spring semesters.

Federal Direct PLUS Loans – Available to parents of undergraduate students and to graduate/professional students enrolled at least half-time.

Federal Work Study – In some years, based upon funding, Work-Study is available to students with financial need who worked in this program during the prior academic year.

Federal Perkins Loan – Available to those with exceptional need based on available funding.

Private Loan Programs – Available to students who have no remaining federal aid eligibility.  Eligibility is determined by each lender but, typically, requires at least half-time enrollment and credit worthiness.

Cost of Attendance Budget

The cost of attendance will be determined each summer by the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid.  The cost will simply be a prorated version of the prior academic year costs but will incorporate summer tuition charges rather than those for fall/spring.  All other costs will be prorated based on the shorter duration of enrollment.  To view your costs, please access your account at your ConnectCarolina Student Center.