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Undergraduate Cost of Attendance  |  Graduate and Professional Cost of Attendance

The cost of attending UNC varies widely from student to student, depending on individual circumstances and choices. The University’s official cost of attendance represents our best estimate of the annual expenses a student might incur while studying at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Some of these expenses are direct costs that will be billed to you by the University. Tuition and fees, for example, as well as housing costs for students living on campus and meal plans for those students who purchase them.

Other expenses are indirect (not billed by the University), but represent a cost that will be used in determining your eligibility for financial aid.  Many of the expenses are estimated and will vary depending upon individual behavior. For living expenses, some students will spend more than the typical amounts, while others will spend less.  These expenses will vary depending on the individual lifestyle and circumstances of each student. Eligibility for financial aid, however, cannot be based on individual preferences and spending habits, but rather must be based on the standard budget allowances as estimated by the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid.

Your “net costs” are determined by subtracting grant and scholarship amounts from your billed costs.  If you live on campus, to determine net costs, subtract the grant/scholarship total from your tuition, fee, room, and board amount.  If you live off campus, subtract your grant/scholarship total from your tuition and fee total.  Other expenses may change depending on student and life circumstances.

The costs listed on this site are standard for students in broad categories. Please contact our office for information pertaining to Part-Time Classroom Studies or eligible Certificate Programs.