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Types of Aid

Financial aid awarded at UNC-Chapel Hill is available from federal, state, University, and private sources.  To receive financial aid, please follow the application procedures as described in the Applying for Aid section of this site.

Financial aid at UNC-Chapel Hill consists of:

  • Grants – Gift money (does not require repayment) from federal, state, University, or private funds. Grants are awarded on the basis of financial need.
  • Loans – Money borrowed from federal sources, University sources, or private lenders (does require repayment).
    Financial aid administrators must follow a code of conduct in the administration of educational loans to ensure your interests are protected. View UNC-Chapel Hill’s code here: Student Loan Code of Conduct
  • Work – Money earned through Federal Work Study employment on campus, in community service agencies, or in approved off-campus jobs.
  • Scholarships – Gift money (does not require repayment). Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic achievement, individual talent, and/or possibly some other criteria specified by the donor. Some of these awards take financial need into account, while others do not.
    • University Scholarships are those awarded by UNC or foundations directly tied to the University.
    • Outside Scholarships are those the student brings to the University from private (“outside”) sources.  Outside scholarships are counted toward meeting the student’s aid eligibility; that is, a student’s total financial aid package from all sources cannot exceed the student’s aid eligibility.

Laptop Grants – The Carolina Computer Initiative offers laptop grants for undergraduates who are eligible for federal aid and demonstrate financial need through the CSS PROFILE. Visit the CCI site for details.