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Information for Recipients

Guidelines for Scholarships Recipients

Unless your award is a College-Sponsored National Merit Scholarship, N.C. Teaching Fellows Scholarship, or an Americorps Education Award, please ensure that the program or organization administering your award receives a copy of the Letter & Instructions for Outside Award Providers. These documents contain essential forms and important details about changes in outside aid processing at UNC.

  • Below are examples of commonly requested items your provider might request prior to sending payment.

Transcripts or Proof of Enrollment

Office of the University Registrar — will issue official transcripts and enrollment certification upon student request

ConnectCarolina Student Center — enables you to view and print your grades and registration information yourself

Academic Standing and Progress, Financial Aid Award, Financial Need Calculation, Cost of Attendance, or Student Account/Billing History

ConnectCarolina Student Center — gives you secure online access to these items and much more, making these your access points for most documentation requests made by outside aid providers

Provider’s form that must be completed by a Financial Aid Officer

Office of Scholarships and Student Aid — We can help you with this.

      • Send the form (along with your PID) as an email attachment to outsidescholarships@unc.eduor
      • Mail the form to the attention of the Outside Scholarships and Grants Manager at the address shown on the Contacts page of this website, or
      • FAX it to (919) 962-2716

Invoice from the University

Outside Scholarships and Grants Manager — If your provider requires an invoice from the University before sending payment, we must have their written authorization in order for us to bill them.

Requests for invoicing can be emailed to outsidescholarships@unc.edu.

*Note that invoicing does not begin until two weeks after the start of classes each semester (i.e., the last day to add and drop courses for the term). This is done to ensure that students are in compliance with course-load requirements set forth by the providers.

  • All payments should be sent directly to the Office of Student Accounts and University Receivables (cashier’s office) according to the format outlined in the Letter & Instructions for Outside Award Providers.
  • If your provider mails your scholarship check directly to you, please fill out the Outside Award Submission Form on your their behalf and mail it to the Office Student Accounts and University Receivables (cashier’s office) along with the check for deposit into your student account.
  • If your check is issued in your name, or made co-payable to both you and UNC, you will need to endorse the check at the Office Student Accounts and University Receivables (cashier’s office) before the funds can be applied to your student account.
  • If you plan to study abroad and expect to receive a scholarship, grant, or benefit payment while you are out of the country, please download a copy of this Limited Power of Attorney Agreement. This is particularly important if your award check will be issued in your name or made co-payable to both you and UNC.