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Guidelines for Recipients

Your outside scholarship provider may need documentation before they complete your award.

Don’t forget to report your outside awards to the Office of Scholarships & Student Aid!

Documents you can request or access online

Transcripts or Proof of Enrollment

Academic Standing and Progress, Financial Aid Award, Financial Need Calculation, Cost of Attendance, or Student Account/Billing History

  • ConnectCarolina allows you access to all of this information, which should cover most of the requests from your for scholarship provider.

Forms for UNC to complete

Sometimes, scholarship providers may need the University to provide information or fill out forms. The Office of Scholarships and Student Aid is happy to help!

  • Send the form (along with your PID) as an email attachment to outsidescholarships@unc.edu
  • Mail it to us:
    Outside Scholarships and Grants Manager
    UNC Office of Scholarships and Student Aid
    P.O. Box 1080
    Chapel Hill, NC 27514-1080
  • FAX the form to (919) 962-2716

Official invoices

If your scholarship provider needs an official University invoice, email the request to:


Be sure to include the provider’s contact information. 

Official invoices are not available until at least two weeks after the start of classes each semester.

Most of the time, a copy of your student account — available in ConnectCarolina — is enough. Check with your scholarship provider to be sure.