2023 Student Financial Wellness Survey Results

2023 Student Financial Wellness Survey Results

Our institution, along with many others, partnered with the research and consulting firm Trellis Strategies to conduct financial wellness survey across campuses nationwide. The results of those surveys have now been published into an official report. This report highlights Fall 2023 Student Financial Wellness survey (SFWS) results from more than 62,000 undergraduate students at 142 institutions across the country. The findings highlighted in this report aim to amplify the lived experiences of students and provide policymakers and institutional leaders with the necessary data to support these students to reach their academic potential.

A few key findings are included below:

  • Mental Health Concerns: Within the two weeks prior to the survey, 32% of participants reported symptoms indicative of major depressive disorder, while 43% experienced generalized anxiety disorder. Alarmingly, 27% suffered from both conditions simultaneously.
  • Basic Needs Insecurity: Over the last year, 58% of students faced challenges such as food insecurity, housing instability, or homelessness—9% endured all three hardships concurrently.
  • Employment: Among the respondents, 68% were employed while studying. Notably, 38% identified more as “workers who attend school” rather than “students who work part-time”, a distinction that has profound implications for institutional policies and student support services.

You can check out the full report below:

Fall 2023 National Survey Results