Budgeting Calculator Instructions

Budgeting Calculator Instructions

Estimate Your Expenses

Understanding your costs and what you will be billed depends somewhat on individual choices. When budgeting your aid, you will want to know if you will owe a bill to the university, or if your aid will cover your bill and perhaps result in a refund. Refunds can be used towards eligible cost of attendance expenses you have while attending school, such as, but not limited to, off-campus housing, food, books, and personal items. This tool will help you explore direct billed costs you can incur as a student.

Estimates are based on expenses directly billed by the university for one semester including:

  • Tuition and Fees (you will use the cashier’s office tuition estimator to get this information, for prospective students use the most current year selection as tuition rates for the upcoming year haven’t yet been released)
  • On-Campus Housing
  • On-Campus Meal Plans
  • StudentBlue Health Insurance (for students who do not waive this charge)
  • Books billed through financial aid at Student Stores

Other expenses you may consider that are not be billed through the university include:

  • Off-Campus Housing
  • Granville Towers Housing
  • Books and Supplies (that you do not bill through financial aid at Student Stores)
  • Personal Expenses (Travel, Toiletries, Laundry)

By using this tool, you will be able to get a reasonable estimate and it is intended for planning purposes only.  You will get an actual bill through the university cashier’s office, and financial aid will be applied during the disbursement process (7-10 days before the first day of classes). Keep in mind that work-study funding is not a part of the disbursement process.  If eligible, refunds will be processed by the cashier’s office around the first day of classes.

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