Covenant Career Accelerator Program

Covenant Career Accelerator Program

Piloted during the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 academic years, the Covenant Career Accelerator Program is a project of the Connecting Carolina’s Covenant Scholars initiative. The program is specially designed to propel Covenant Scholars toward career readiness by increasing their confidence and experience in all eight competencies most valued by employers. Bolstered by a network of collaboration and support, participants are better situated to successfully identify, apply for, and secure post-graduate opportunities in a competitive market.

Why Participate?

You will receive guidance and resources for building a strong network of mentors, advocates, and experiences that can help you make connections and attain your goals for careers and graduate school.

Benefits of participating

Invitations to specially curated opportunities for professional development and networking.

Participation is considered when reviewing applications for Carolina Covenant Professional Development funds.

End-of-year meal featuring an inspiring professional development talk from a keynote alumni speaker and the opportunity to network with alumni advocates and other special guests.

Tools for communicating your investment in professional development, including a digital certificate, language for your resume, and a badge for your LinkedIn profile.

Be in a position to share excerpts from your own personal reports of engagement on applications to professional schools, graduate school programs, job applications, and entrepreneurial endeavors

Network of collaboration and support, including access to the Covenant LinkedIn group of advocates, mentors, alumni, and liaisons.


We are currently updating the structure of the Career Accelerator Program.

As such, the details regarding requirements and tracking mechanisms for the 23-24 academic year are still being finalized. Please watch your Covenant e-blasts for updates and information about the re-launch of the Covenant Career Accelerator Program. We are very excited about what’s to come!


Active participation in the Career Accelerator Program is considered when reviewing applications for Carolina Covenant’s Professional Development funds. These funds are available for students to engage in high-impact professional experiences during the summer months.

Learn more about Carolina Covenant Professional Development Funds



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Jessie Durham-Nash

Assistant Director for Career Development and Outcomes

Meet with Jessie Durham-Nash, Assistant Director for Career Development and Outcomes, about:

  • Career Exploration and Professional Development
  • Finding, Creating, and Securing Internship Opportunities
  • Resume, Job Application, and Personal Statement Review
  • Mock Interviews and Interview Prep
  • Salary Expectations and Negotiations
  • Talking about careers with family

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