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Staff Directory

Associate Provost and Director of Scholarships and Student Aid

Rachelle Feldman



Gwen Norwood Assistant Director / Accountant
Laura Vigilante Accountant


Carolina Covenant

Candice Powell Director
Ann Trollinger Associate Director
Jayne Davis Academic Director
Shonda Goward Academic Director
Frank Kessler Assistant Academic Coordinator-Learning Skills
Kyle Potts Administrative Services Coordinator


Client Services

Jackie Copeland Associate Director
Erica Corini Senior Assistant Director
Deanna Davis Assistant Director
Sheryca Crossland Financial Aid Counselor
Lois Douglass Financial Aid Counselor
Kim Feldman Financial Aid Counselor
Grace Hatcher Financial Aid Counselor
Antonio Squire Financial Aid Counselor


Federal Work-Study and Employment Programs

Josh Leonard Assistant Director
Thomas Harper Work-Study Payroll


Graduate & Professional and Summer Aid

Aesha Greene Senior Assistant Director Graduate & Professional Programs
Susan Brooks Assistant Director Kenan-Flagler MAC & MBA Programs (seated)
Vanda Chou Assistant Director UNC School of Law
Sheila Graham-McDonald Assistant Director UNC School of Medicine
Anna Kerns Assistant Director Kenan-Flagler Online MBA & Online MAC Programs
Perry Studevent Assistant Director Allied Health Sciences (UNC School of Medicine)
Sam Chhorm Assistant Director Summer & Special Programs


Information Technology Team

Andrew Brockway ConnectCarolina Financial Aid Technical Processes
Heather Shinpaugh ConnectCarolina Financial Aid Functional/Technical
Mary E. Daniel IT Enhancement and Support Applications Analyst
Brian Edwards IT Enhancement and Support Systems Specialist


Loan Programs

Cindy McGee Assistant Director
Catherine Robinson Systems and Loan Coordinator


Need-Based Aid Processing

Tabatha Turner Senior Associate Director
Dee Allsbrook Assistant Director
Kim Bold Student Financial Aid Processing Counselor
Sam Hurwitz Applications Coordinator
Jennifer Kusnyer Student Financial Aid Processing Counselor
Torie Forte Scholarships Counselor
Tykeeta Summers Applications Coordinator
Shannon Witherow Student Financial Aid Processing Counselor


Office Management

Susan Sabiston Assistant to the Director


Scholarships Administration

Dan Thornton Associate Director
Holley Nichols Senior Assistant Director
Sharon Beers Outside Scholarships and Grants Manager
Tammy Dozier Scholarships Development Coordinator
Anna Bernard-Hoverstad Scholarships Program Coordinator
Agnieszka Stachura Student Services Specialist