Creating Required PINS

Creating Required PINS


Our office follows the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  To protect and keep your information safe you will need to set up two Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) in ConnectCarolina. The PINs will be requested from you, or someone asking for information on your behalf to discuss account information when calling, emailing, or coming in person to our office.

It is required that a PIN is provided when contacting the following offices:

You will need a PIN to obtain information from offices such as:

  • Your class schedule
  • Your grades from the last semester
  • Your current semester GPA and academic eligibility
  • The current address we have on file for you
  • Your financial aid and scholarship information
  • Your student account and billing

Instructions on setting up your PIN(s)

To set up your PIN:
  • Login to ConnectCarolina
  • Go to your “Personal Information” tile
  • Select Student PIN
    • You can set and change your PIN here as often as you like
To set up access and a PIN for someone else (Proxy):
  • Login to ConnectCarolina
    • On the Student Links tile click “Share My Student Information”
      • From that page, click the ‘Authorize University Offices to Communicate with Individuals’ link
        • Add up to five individuals (called “proxies”)
        • Choose which information you would like to share
        • Set a PIN for each individual and share that PIN information with the individual
        • You can add, rescind, or change permissions at any time