Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Great news: in most cases, your regular UNC financial aid can be applied to study abroad programs!

Study abroad can be very affordable, sometimes even less expensive than a semester at UNC-Chapel Hill. Costs vary depending on the program, so explore the Study Abroad Website to get an idea of program options. Exchange programs are generally the most affordable.

Study Abroad Process


  • For more expensive programs, additional loans may be available. For less expensive programs, aid may be reduced to match reduced costs. We always reduce loans first, to keep as much grant and scholarship funding as possible. Check out Costs and Funding FAQ’s to learn more.
  • Study abroad scholarships are available through the Study Abroad Office. These are a great way to help cover some program expenses.
  • Check out the Study Abroad Funding 101 video series to learn more about study abroad expenses, financial aid eligibility, and study abroad scholarship opportunities!
  • Once you have picked your program, email for a financial aid estimate to help you prepare financially for your program. Please include:
    • Your name
    • PID number
    • Term you are planning to study abroad
    • A link to your study abroad program’s Cost of Attendance

We encourage you to reach out before the study abroad application deadline!


  • Adjustments to your financial aid package for your semester abroad are made late in the term prior to your study abroad term:
    • Fall semester abroad | changes made by early July
    • Spring semester abroad | changes made by late November
    • Summer semester abroad | financial aid package available by mid-April
  • You will receive an email from OSSA once your study abroad financial aid package is available to view in Connect Carolina.
  • Financial aid is generally disbursed 7 to 10 days before the first day of the semester. For the summer, it is generally disbursed 3-4 days after classes start. Once aid is disbursed, it will be applied to your study abroad charges posted on your UNC Cashier’s Office student account.
    • You may need to purchase plane tickets or cover visa expenses before then, so plan ahead.
  • If there is leftover financial aid after your student account charges are paid, the leftover funding will be refunded to you. Sign up for Electronic Refund so you can receive those funds while you are abroad.


Some countries require students to get a visa to study abroad for the semester. Email to request a visa letter, which outlines your proof of financial means for your program. We can only provide one after you’ve been accepted into a program.