Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Good news: in most cases, financial aid travels with you!

Study abroad can be very affordable, sometimes even less than a semester at UNC-Chapel Hill. Costs vary depending on the program, so explore the Study Abroad Website to get an idea of the options. Direct exchange programs are generally the most affordable.

Study Abroad Process

  • For more expensive programs, additional loans may be available. For less expensive programs, aid funding may be reduced to match reduced costs. We always reduce loans first, to preserve as much grant and scholarship funding as possible.
  • Scholarships are available through the Study Abroad Office. Don’t miss the essay questions on your study abroad application!
  • Check out our Funding 101 video to learn more about study abroad expenses, financial aid eligibility, and study abroad scholarship opportunities!
  • Financial aid is generally disbursed 7 to 10 days before the first day of the semester. Once aid is disbursed, it will go directly to your student account with the University Cashier and be applied to your charges. You may need to purchase plane tickets or cover visa expenses before then, so plan ahead.
  • Any aid funding left over after your account charges are paid will be refunded to you. Sign up for Direct Deposit so you can get those funds without having to pick up a check!
  • If you’re expecting an outside scholarship, we encourage you to complete a Limited Power of Attorney Agreement or ask your provider to make the check payable solely to UNC-Chapel Hill

Email to request a visa letter. We can only provide one after you’ve been accepted into a program and your aid is finalized.