How do you determine financial need for my financial aid offer?

UNC-Chapel Hill is committed to meeting the demonstrated financial need of students.

To determine financial need, we first calculate your need using this process:

cost of attendance minus estimated family contribution equals financial need

We work to meet the demonstrated financial need for first-degree, full-time students with aid in the form of grants, scholarships, loans and work-study from federal, state and University sources.

We use the CSS Profile to determine your eligibility for University grants. If your CSS Profile application does not show financial need, you will not be able to receive University grants, but you will be eligible for federal or state grants, along with loans and work-study, toward your demonstrated federal need.

For those seeking aid who do not have demonstrated financial need, we do automatically offer unsubsidized loan eligibility, though your total amount of aid from all sources cannot exceed the cost of attendance budget.

If you have demonstrated financial need and still need help financing your education, you may request additional unsubsidized loan funds or parent loans, as long as the total amount is still within your cost of attendance budget.

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