Departmental Funding

Departmental Funding

In some cases, graduate and professional students might qualify for awards through their department or school. Contact your individual program for more information. If you receive an award from your department, we will add it to any existing financial aid offer, and we may have to adjust your aid so that you do not exceed the cost of attendance budget.

For information about scholarship opportunities, graduate and professional students should check with specific academic departments and also research funding opportunities through UNC’s Funding Information Portal.

More about Departmental Funding

Through funds from private donations, academic departments may offer grants and scholarships. A separate application may be required within your academic department. Award stipulations might also include establishing contact with the donor. Contact your individual program for more information.

If you receive a tuition, fee, or non-service award from your department it will be reported to us by your department through a portal called GradStar.  Departments report these awards to our office beginning in August for the fall semester and January for the spring semester. Awards will be added to any existing financial aid offer which my cause an adjustment aid.

Total aid received (including departmental funding) cannot exceed your financial need or cost of attendance.  A reduction to aid previously offered or accepted may be required to prevent an over award of financial aid.

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