Covenant Experiences & Impact

Covenant Experiences & Impact

impact report

See the most recent impact report and student stories from the Office of University Development.

A network of investment and support

Our scholars benefit from strategic partnerships, developmental programs, and high-impact mentoring helping them to develop critical skills for success at Carolina and beyond.


Our scholars graduate from Carolina and go on to do amazing things. A recent survey of Carolina Covenant alumni revealed some of the following career paths:

  • Graduate Studies (Medicine, Law, Business, Etc.)
  • Military and Police
  • Business, Finance and Accounting
  • Peace Corps & Global Service
  • Education (Professors, College Counselors and Advisors, K-12 counselors, and teachers)
  • Social Work
  • Marketing
  • Engineering
  • Health Care (Dentists, Therapists, Pharmacists, Physicians
  • Law
  • Human Resources
  • Television
  • Ministry

Are you a Carolina Covenant Scholar alum? Check out our Alumni Engagement page for more information on how to get involved.

Alumni Engagement Information


outstanding mentorship

The Clark & Kessler Award for Excellence in Mentoring

This annual award recognizes Carolina Covenant mentors who go above and beyond in demonstrating the highest characteristics of strong mentoring relationships among our Covenant Scholars, including but not limited to the ideals of commitment, care, connection, initiative, and endorsement. The award’s title honors the memory of two our programs most outstanding mentors – the late Dr. Fred Clark and Mr. Frank Kessler – who went to extraordinary lengths in offering their personal service and support to hundreds of individual Scholars across the lifespan of our program.


2022 – Drs. Peter and Jean DeSaix

2023 – Dr. Maribel Borger, Dr. Brian Hogan, Dr. Ron Strauss, and Dr. Gidi Shemer (all pictured below)