Interested in becoming a work-study supervisor?

Interested in becoming a work-study supervisor?

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a federally-funded financial aid program established to provide part-time employment opportunities for students with demonstrated financial need.

Carolina Works (WS) is an institutional work-study program established to provide employment opportunities to students who do not qualify for the Federal Work-Study process but have financial need and an interest in work-study.  Both programs are open to employers who meet FWS requirements to hire students through.

To become a part of the Work-Study Program (FWS, CW, or both), a supervisor must be a part of UNC or a community partner who has been approved by the Office of Scholarships & Student Aid. Choose the best option below to learn more.

Be sure to select the proper option below based on your specific agency. As a reminder on-campus supervisors are UNC affiliated with a SSO login and use the TIM payroll system. Off-campus supervisors are typically community service agencies or UNC affiliates without SSO login and the ability to use the TIM payroll system.

To become a part of the Work-Study program a supervisor must be approved by the Office of Scholarships & Student Aid.  To become part of the UNC Work-Study program, all supervisors must:

  1. Complete the Annual Regulatory Training
  2. Review the Program Calendar and Supervisor Resources
  3. Complete the Annual Jobx Training
  4. Complete the New Supervisor request form if you are a new/replacement supervisor which attests to the completion of above trainings
  5. Pass the annual quiz with a score of 100%
  6. If you are an off-campus supervisor (non- UNC affiliated regardless of location): Participate in an annual site visit. If you are only offering virtual positions then the site visit may be virtual. If you have at least one on site position, an in person site visit must be conducted. Email our work-study team to set up your site visit. During the visit Complete the employment agreement contract provided at the site visit
  7. After completing the above steps, you will go to the Jobx Login and request access!
  8. You will then be added to the JobX system and will be able to sign in using your SSO login if you UNC affiliated, or you will be set up with a username and password if non-UNC affiliated (See JobX training section for step by step instructions)

By becoming a work-study employer you are opening positions to students to help them to grow and thrive during their time at Carolina.

Ready to get started?

Complete the new supervisor request form!

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