Meet the Covenant Team

Meet the Covenant Team

Hi, we are glad you are here!

Please email us at for the quickest response to general questions about the Carolina Covenant program, your financial aid, or to request a virtual or in-person appointment with an individual member of our team (see below). While we welcome you to drop in, an email is the best way to help us understand your needs and the best way to help you on any day of the week.  We’re happy to support you and look forward to hearing from you!

Drop-In Office Hours

Tuesday- Friday | 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

headschot of Jayne Davis
Jayne Davis
  • Director of Covenant Scholar Well-being
headschot of Liv Ingram
Liv Ingram
  • Program Specialist
headschot of Candice Powell
Candice Powell
  • Director, Carolina Covenant
headschot of Ann Trollinger
Ann Trollinger
  • Associate Director, Carolina Covenant and Alumni Engagement

Connect with Dr. Candice Powell, Director of Carolina Covenant, about:

  • Feedback about the Program
  • Partnerships and Policies
  • Media and Data Requests
  • Mentor Program

Connect with Ann Trollinger, Associate Director, about:

  • Financial Aid Need Analysis Questions
  • Dependency Appeal Questions
  • Budget Adjustments
  • Covenant Alumni Connections

Connect with Dr. Jayne Davis, Director of Scholar Well-Being, about:

  • Basic Needs Concerns (Housing, Food)
  • Resources for Mental Health

Connect with Liv Ingram, Student Support and Programs Specialist, about:

  • Student programs and events
  • Social Media
  • Identifying opportunities, making connections on campus

Covenant Undergraduate Interns

As peer representatives and ambassadors for our program, the Carolina Covenant Undergraduate Student Interns advance the Covenant's mission and strategic goals by partnering with our professional staff to ensure high-impact experiences and supports for Carolina Covenant Scholars.

Covenant Mentors

Our Carolina Covenant Mentors are a critical part of our program's diverse and rich network of support for Covenant Scholars. We work with Scholars to identify their individual needs and interests and connect them with mentors who help them achieve their academic, pre-professional, and personal goals.

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