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Scholarships Terms & Conditions

Scholarships Terms & Conditions

University Scholarship Terms & Conditions:

Academic Scholarships referenced here include the various Carolina Scholarships, Johnston, Pogue, Colonel Robinson, College Fellows, Blue Sky, Tar Heel Merit, HW Jackson, Innovation, Williamson and a number of other scholarships with only one or two recipients each. These award amounts vary from $2,500 to the full cost of tuition, fees, room & board. These Academic Scholarships are all administered by the UNC Office of Scholarships & Student Aid.

Only a small percentage of Carolina students receive one of these primarily academic, non-need based scholarships (though some do have a secondary need component). Scholarship recipients are passionate and engaged individuals who make Carolina better. Our hope is that scholarship recipients work to enrich classroom discussions, represent the undergraduate community in leadership positions, volunteer their time in service to the campus and our neighbors, and produce innovative research in archives and labs across Carolina.

We also expect integrity from all scholarship recipients every semester they are on campus. Misconduct will not be tolerated and is grounds for scholarship termination.

These Academic Scholarships are offered to incoming first-year students. They are renewable for eight (8) semesters of full-time undergraduate study. Scholarship recipients must be enrolled full time to remain eligible for this scholarship, though underloads may be approved for medical reasons or for seniors in the semester immediately prior to their graduation. Students wishing to underload should contact the Scholarships unit in the Office of Scholarships & Student Aid. Academic Scholarships cannot be applied to summer school charges.

Academic Scholarship recipients must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA during their time at Carolina. Grades are reviewed at the end of each academic year. Students falling below the GPA requirement will be placed on probation and asked to meet with Scholarships staff.

University-administered Academic Scholarships may be used in tandem with other outside scholarships.  They also may form part of a larger financial aid package for those who qualify for additional need-based aid.

Academic scholarships may be applied to the cost of any credit-bearing, semester, or year-long UNC-approved Study Abroad program. Contact The Office of Scholarships and Student Aid Study Abroad Team to discuss details of your study abroad plans.

Please note:

The Office of Scholarships & Student Aid may share news of a student’s scholarship with that scholarship’s donor. We may also share information with other campus offices to publicly commend your achievement. If your scholarship has an individual donor, scholarship recipients may be asked to send a note of acknowledgement and thanks regarding your scholarship award.

Our communications to you will primarily be through email to your official UNC email address.  Please be sure to check your UNC inbox regularly and respond when requested.