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Report Scholarships

The federal government requires outside scholarships and awards, including tuition benefits from a parent’s employer, to be reported each year.  You can use the electronic form below.

Once you have entered your award(s), please allow time for processing. Typically, your award will appear on your Financial Aid Awards list in your ConnectCarolina Student Center within a week or two.

If you later find out that you will not receive a reported award, please email outsidescholarships@unc.edu and we will revise your financial aid accordingly.

If your outside scholarship is renewable, please report it each year.

You DO NOT need to report the following:

  • Awards that already appear on your Financial Aid Award in ConnectCarolina for this year.
  • Awards from:
    • UNC campus departments (the department will report them)
    • The Morehead-Cain or Robertson Scholars
    • The North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority (NCSEAA), which includes:
      • Golden Leaf Scholarship
      • Aubrey Lee Brooks Scholarship
      • Thomas Carrow Scholarship
    • The North Carolina Teaching Fellows
    • AmeriCorps National Service
    • Certain federal Veteran’s Benefits; click here for a complete list of exceptions