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Payment Instructions

For Providers

All payments should be mailed directly to the University Cashier:

University Cashier
Suite 2215, SASB North
450 Ridge Road, CB 1400
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-1400

Make sure to include the student’s full name and UNC PID number on the check. You’re welcome to make checks payable to “UNC-Chapel Hill” — the fastest way to get funds into the student’s account.

Include one of the following forms to make sure the payment ends up in the right student account. (A letter that includes similar information can be substituted.)

All checks will be split equally between semesters, unless otherwise specified by the scholarship provider.

For Students

  • If your provider has sent the scholarship check directly to you, please complete the Outside Award Submission Form and mail it (with the check) to the Cashier’s Office.
  • If your check is issued in your name, or made co-payable to both you and UNC-Chapel Hill, you will need to endorse the check before the funds can be applied to your student account.  We recommend doing this in person at the Cashier’s Office.  You can bring the check in during orientation or once classes begin.
  • If you plan to study abroad and expect to receive a scholarship, grant, or benefit payment while you are out of the country, please download a copy of this Limited Power of Attorney Agreement. This is particularly important if your award check will be issued in your name or made co-payable to both you and UNC Chapel Hill.