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Student Loan Code of Conduct

To ensure the highest ethical standards, the Department of Education requires that a “Student Loan Code of Conduct” be published and maintained by all financial aid offices.  Following is the official policy at UNC-Chapel Hill:

At Carolina, we never have and will never:

  • Accept payment from any outside entity in exchange for loan referrals or preferential treatment
  • Accept gifts from any outside entity in exchange for loan referrals
    • A gift is defined as: any gratuity, favor, discount, entertainment, hospitality, loan, or other item having monetary value of more than a de minimus amount.
    • A gift IS NOT:
      • A brochure used for default aversion or financial literacy
      • Food, training, or informational material provided as part of training to improve service
      • Entrance or Exit Counseling assistance that does not promote a lender
      • Philanthropic contributions unrelated to loans
      • State education grants or scholarships
  • Accept consulting fees or other contractual financial benefit from a provider of student loans
  • Intentionally delay certification of loans from any lender or automatically assign students to a particular lender
  • Accept a pool of funds from a lender to establish a University Loan in exchange for federal loan referrals
  • Accept services or staffing assistance from any outside entity in exchange for referrals or preferential treatment
  • Accept compensation in exchange for appointments to advisory committees or boards of any entity involved in the processing of alternative student loans