On-Campus Prospective Employer Information

On-Campus Prospective Employer Information

To become a part of the work-study program (FWS, CW, or both), a UNC supervisor must be approved by the Office of Scholarships & Student Aid.  To become part of the on-campus UNC program supervisors must:

  1. Complete the Annual Regulatory Training
  2. Review the Program Calendar and Supervisor Resources
  3. Complete the Annual Jobx Training 
  4. Complete the  New Supervisor request form if you are a new/replacement supervisor which attests to the completion of above trainings
  5. Pass the annual quiz with a score of 100%
  6. You will then be added to the JobX system and will be able to sign in using your SSO login

By becoming a work-study employer you are opening positions to students to help them to grow and thrive during their time at Carolina.

WS Supervisor Regulatory Training

WS Supervisor JobX Training

Supervisor Quiz

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