Work-Study Supervisor Resources

Work-Study Supervisor Resources

The following information can help you to understand the work study supervisor process. We aim to make the process as easy to follow as possible.

Training and JobX Access

Prior to accessing the JobX system, you will need to be sure that you have completed the below training modules:


student earnings

JobX Earnings are updated to reflect Fall FWS & CW balances as of the end of pay period B09 (10/27/19).

Pay Period Start and End Dates

Please Note: Due to an unavoidable delay between hours being worked, TIM submissions, payroll disbursement, and accounting data availability, earnings in this system are typically behind by 2-4 weeks. Please utilize the Time Record Log to keep up-to-date records of the hours worked for your students.

Client billing management (CBM)

Departmental wage matches for the UNC Work-Study program are processed through the CBM system following reconciliation of each pay period. Listed below are requested resources regarding operation and structure of the CBM system.


Email our work study team with any additional questions you have.

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