Welcome Alumni and Friends!

Welcome Alumni and Friends!

To date, more than 6,000 students have earned their undergraduate degree from Carolina with significant support from the Carolina Covenant. Our alumni boast significant academic and professional experience and achievements, and we celebrate them as part of the story of the Covenant’s impact on equity, access, and thriving for low-income students at the University.

Carolina Covenant Alumni engagement is critical to the continued momentum of interest and investment in the Covenant program and to sustaining our Covenant to future Scholars. Through our alumni outreach and engagement efforts, we share alumni stories and the expertise of our alumni to enhance career readiness and networking connections for current Carolina Covenant Scholars as well as Covenant alumni.

Alumni Advisory Board

The Carolina Covenant Advisory Board (AAB) advises our program on alumni engagement strategies that will help current and former Scholars increase readiness to succeed in careers and in graduate or professional school.  The AAB also helps our program to build community among our Carolina Covenant alumni and provides feedback on alumni newsletters, events, services, and conferences that may be beneficial to our alumni. 

Larry Thi '13
Alumni Engagement Coordinator,
Jack Kent Cook Foundation
Washington, DC

“Dear fellow Carolina Covenant Alums – I am beyond excited to begin this journey with you to build and engage our alumni community. Your participation in this new initiative to strengthen our network of Covenant Scholars and Alums, in and beyond North Carolina, will allow us to pave the path to generate new ideas for alumni engagement and scholar support systems. As an alumni engagement professional, I wholeheartedly believe in the power and value in having a strong interconnected community. I know I speak for the group that UNC continues to hold a special place in our hearts, and I’m excited you find meaning and purpose in this opportunity to grow your love for Carolina.”
Charles W. Hands III '14
Charlotte, NC

“I decided to serve on the Carolina Covenant Alumni Advisory Board because during my time at Carolina I made a vow that I would support the Carolina Covenant Scholarship Program after receiving so much support from it. The professional help from Carolina Covenant along with its frequent community-building activities is a huge part of my successful time at Carolina as a first-generation university student.”
Dr. Alisa Eanes '08
Obstetrician – Gynecologist
Marion, NC

“The Carolina Covenant changed the direction of my life. It allowed me to imagine things for my future that I previously had not considered, including choosing medicine as a career. I was able to redirect the time and energy I had previously devoted to making the “ends meet” into creative thought and joy for learning. The Covenant has been a family to me, I am proud of how it has grown since my time at UNC and look forward to reaching back and helping the next generation of students along their path.”
Tariq Luthun '13
Data Consultant – Ford Motor Co.
and Emmy-Award Winning Poet
Detroit, MI

“To me, the Carolina Covenant means access. It was an opportunity for me to tap into an education and a series of experiences surrounding that education that have altered the trajectory of my life. Each experience I was afforded thanks to the scholarship continues to serve as a nexus point for new experiences and opportunities to arise, each moment bringing a new range of possibilities. Without the Carolina Covenant, many of these doors wouldn’t be open to me. My desire to join the Advisory Board is rooted in not only giving back but giving better in order to help an already-great program continue to offer students a transformative series of possibilities.”
Zehra Razai '21
UNC Pharmacy - Graduate Student
Chapel Hill, NC

“As a first-year pharmacy student at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy, I am very passionate about pharmaceutical research and hope to pursue an impactful career in drug discovery and academia! This year, I am excited to be serving as the first graduate student representative on Carolina Covenant’s Alumni Advisory Board! In this role, I will help to plan and implement strategies of alumni engagement. My overarching goal is to bridge the gaps between the Board, professional alumni scholars, and current undergraduate scholars to help increase career readiness and community networking. The Carolina Covenant has proven to be far more than just a financial aid program; rather, it is vastly a familiar community that offers unparalleled career-building, mentorship, and friendship opportunities. It is truly an honor to continue to serve this amazing program on a larger scale this year!”
Brian Woodard '09
Assistant Director
for Admissions
Chapel Hill, NC

“As a Covenant alumnus I feel it is important to advocate and support currently enrolled students because I would not be in the place, I am in today without mentors who sought to help me. As a first-generation college student, navigating UNC-CH as a transfer student was overwhelming and intimidating. The mentors I received from the Covenant would listen to my concern, encourage me, help clarify information, and remove barriers to my academic progression. Knowing the tremendous impact of the social, academic, and financial resources provided had upon myself, I want to give back and help current students navigate UNC-CH through enrollment, graduation, and in their careers.”

Alumni Advocates

Carolina Covenant Alumni Advocates are former Carolina Covenant Scholars that are now professionals or graduate or professional students dedicated to increasing career development experiences and post-undergraduate outcomes for Carolina Covenant Scholars and other Covenant alumni. Through the Carolina Covenant Program, Covenant Alumni Advocates participate in and facilitate access to valuable experiences that can increase the likelihood of successful matches for Covenant Scholars within their industry or field or with the companies, graduate and professional programs, or enterprises they represent.

Alumni Advocates commit to:

  • Welcoming invitations from the Carolina Covenant Program to participate in career development activities for Covenant Scholars throughout the year.
  • Allowing your company logo (for your current employer) or institutional logo (if currently enrolled in graduate or professional school) to be featured on our webpage. The logo will be featured under the following heading: “Our Alumni Advocates represent the following entities…”. We will not list your name or require any commitment of your company or institution. This is purely celebratory.

After a brief training (in development), we hope our advocates will also commit to:

  • Share LinkedIn information with Covenant Alumni and current Scholars and welcome outreach for email exchange and information interviews at their own discretion.
  • Service back to the Carolina Covenant program. Official language qualifying the nature of your service to be shared on LinkedIn and resumes will be provided.
  • Public demonstration of your current organization’s commitment to increasing equity and diversity via your organizations’ logo on our website
  • Increase brand recognition, interest, and preparation from talented students at UNC Chapel Hill
  • Targeted access to talent pipeline that is statistically more diverse than the broader talent pipeline
  • Carolina Covenant Alumni Advocate window decal (automatic) and certificate of appreciation (at your request)
  • If you participate in one of our events or contribute more significantly, you will also receive a Carolina Covenant Alumni Advocate t-shirt with potential for additional high-quality items bearing the Carolina Covenant or Carolina Covenant Alumni Advocate logo.

Confirm your interest here. Ann Trollinger, Associate Director of the Carolina Covenant and Alumni Engagement, will be in touch with next steps.

While not required, we also highly encourage Alumni Advocates who would like to target Covenant Scholars and other underrepresented applicants for employment opportunities to connect with University Career Services. Through University Career Services, you can post jobs, attend career fairs and other recruitment efforts focused on developing and recruiting more diverse applicants – including Carolina Covenant Scholars. Our program will especially market opportunities put forward by Alumni Advocates to Covenant Scholars. University Career Services can also facilitate the development of a high-impact career readiness experience that targets Covenant Scholars, for example: career trek; job shadowing; networking meetings, etc. in collaboration with the Carolina Covenant Program.

Contact Roderick Lewis, Director of External Relations at University Career Services, for more information.

Learn more about becoming an employer partner with the University.

Your Alumni Connector


Ann Trollinger, Associate Director for the Carolina Covenant program supports Covenant Scholars as their primary financial aid advisor. She also leads our alumni engagement efforts.

Get Involved

The Carolina Covenant Program and the Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) will work together over the 2021-2022 academic year to explore possibilities for how Carolina Covenant alumni and other alumni of the University can contribute to these efforts. We look forward to sharing more updates about in 2022. If you are interested in getting involved as an Alumni Advocate, please contact Ann.

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