Grants and Scholarships

Grants and Scholarships

Types of Grants

Grants come from federal, state, University and private funding. Grants are applied directly to college costs, are based on need, and do not require repayment. Eligibility for grants is determined each year when you apply for financial aid.

Eligibility for this award is determined by your FAFSA and enrollment status. These grants are provided for qualified students who demonstrate financial need. Read more about Pell Grants here.

Undergraduate students who are eligible for the Federal Pell Grant and have significant financial need are candidates for this grant, awarded each year based on available funding. Read more about SEOG here.

Eligibility for North Carolina State grants is determined by your FAFSA. You must obtain and maintain North Carolina residency, as determined by the State of North Carolina. For more information visit the Registrar’s website.

Eligibility for this grant is available to all first time degree-seeking undergraduate students. It is the largest University grant program and is used to meet financial need as determined by both the FAFSA and CSS Profile applications.

The Carolina Computing Initiative (CCI) ensures that students have access to high-quality and affordable technology. As a part of CCI, all students are required to own a laptop, and grants are available to help eligible students purchase their laptops. You must complete the CSS profile to be considered for the CCI laptop grant.

Named Grants and Need-Based Scholarships

The University, through private donations, awards a wide variety of need-based grants and scholarships. Incoming students are automatically considered for these awards. Award stipulation may include establishing contact with the donor.

The Carolina Covenant is for students from families with a total income that is 200% below the federal poverty guideline. Covenant covers full financial need through grants, scholarships and work-study — no loans. The program also offers academic and personal support to help you get the most out of UNC and graduate on time. Eligibility is automatically assessed when a student completes the financial aid applications. You can learn more about the Carolina Covenant here.

Some students may receive grants named after Bridge Buildersat Carolina who are trailblazing figures in University history.

Some students may receive grants named after Noteworthy Firsts at Carolina who are trailblazing figures in University history.

We have so many need-based grants and scholarships that are named after our generous donors that it is hard to share all of them here! If you don’t see your scholarship listed on this page, and it is not an academic scholarship then it is a grant/scholarship based on your financial need exhibited on the FAFSA and CSS Profile.