Emergency Loans

Emergency Loans

What are Emergency Loans?

UNC-Chapel Hill Emergency Loans are interest-free, short-term loans from the University to help enrolled students in need of temporary funds with emergency expenses. In the event an emergency has arisen and you have exhausted other funding options these provide short-term funding for living expenses, such as food, rent, books, childcare and more.


Currently enrolled students with emergencies requiring funding during the current term for living expenses are eligible to apply for emergency loans. However, emergency loans are not approved to pay University charges, such as tuition, which is considered a planned expense.

  • Emergency loans must be repaid by the due date. Due dates will never extend beyond the first day of the last month of the semester in which the loan is borrowed (December 1 or May 1). Emergency loans are available in the summer, but only to students who are enrolled in both summer sessions.
  • Though the University Cashier will attempt to deduct emergency loan repayment from incoming financial aid, it is your responsibility to make sure the emergency loan is paid by the due date. Failure to repay will result in a “hold” on academic records and late fees of $15 per month. Loan repayment history will be considered before approving an emergency loan. Students who have failed to meet emergency loan due dates two or more times will no longer be eligible for emergency loans.

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