Applying For Financial Aid

Applying For Financial Aid

Financial Aid Application Questions

As a parent, you will be assisting your student with completion of their financial aid applications. Below are some questions you may have about applying with answers that can help.

As most students are considered to be dependent, we’ll need specific information from parents to to process eligibility for aid. This includes:

  • Basic identification (name, Date of Birth, Social Security Number)
  • Marital status
  • Information on who is in your household.
  • Tax records from the prior-prior year (example: for 2020/2021, tax year 2018)
  • Assets (cash, checking, savings, investments, dwelling)

Yes – if you are remarried, stepparent information is required, even if they are not financially contributing to your student’s education.

Your student will need to contact our office and let us know that you do not wish to provide your information. In this case, your student would only be able to borrow unsubsidized loans. Learn more about how the FAFSA can be filled out without parent information on the federal website.