Work-Study Summer Supervisor Training

Work-Study Summer Supervisor Training

Training Information

See each section below for important supervisor information.

  • Mid-March:
    • Supervisors can create summer Work-Study positions in JobX until July 3
      • Positions will be reviewed starting April 1
  • Mid-April:
    • Supervisors can begin to interview/hire applicants who have Work-Study as a part of their summer aid offer. An email will be sent when students with summer Carolina Works awards gain access to JobX and can begin applying/interviewing.
  • May 8:
    • Students can begin summer work after completing necessary onboarding processes with HR representative and supervisor. Please note summer has a different chartfield string then Fall and Spring. Your hiring message will allow your HR personnel to set up students correctly in Connect Carolina.
  • July 6:
    • Summer Work-Study positions removed from JobX, JobX switches to 23-24 academic year operations.
  • July 30:
    • Last day for summer Work-Study students to work
  • Summer Work-Study is offered through Carolina Works funding.
  • Students will need to request and be eligible to have summer Work-Study as a part of their summer aid offer.
    • The student form to request work-study eligibility is available in mid-April.
  • 35% of students earned wages are paid by the employing department
    • Off-Campus supervisors will submit monthly invoices using the Off-campus workbook
    • For On-campus positions initial wage earnings are covered by OSSA through the  Carolina Works funding.  After reconciliation, the employer share is billed back to the earning department through CBM when the CBM system completes its monthly run on the 14th of each month.
      • On-Campus employing departments can either choose to have their earnings paid through the default CBM fund or redirect the earnings to a different funding source. Please use the JobX hiring message to set students up individually once the JobX hire action is complete. Hire students one at a time to avoid JobX issues.
  • Only full-time, permanent, faculty and staff, and approved non-profit community service partners are eligible to serve as WS Supervisors
  • Part-time employees, temporary employees, graduate students, and post-doctoral candidates are not eligible to be WS Supervisors
  • The primary supervisor must be registered on JobX as the position manager. An unlimited number of other supervisors  can register as secondary supervisors.
  • We strongly recommend having a one or more secondary supervisors for times when the primary supervisor is unavailable (e.g. ill, in meetings, on vacation).
  • Any supervisor that allows a student to earn more than their allotted award will be evaluated for future participation in the WS program.
  • Departments/supervisors with repeat violations may not be eligible to participate in the WS program in future aid years.
  • Any department that fails to meet their responsibility in paying for excess or unauthorized wages will be removed from the WS program.
  • Students may hold only one WS position at a time, but are not restricted from being  employed in another non-WS position.
  • Students are part-time employees and are not permitted to work more than 29 hours per week through WS positions during summer.
  • Students are at-will employees. While uncommon, WS employees can be choose to leave, be removed from (with cause), or change positions.
  • All WS Students are required to document their attendance at work, usually through a sign-in/sign-out protocol
  • Studying is prohibited while on the job – Work-Study is not a form of paid study time.
  • Working during scheduled classes is prohibited work must be performed during non-class hours.

Students who fail to meet job duties can be removed from their positions at the Supervisor’s discretion.

  • Documentation of the student’s performance issue(s) and attempts to correct the issue(s) must occurs before students are terminated. This should involve meeting with the student to discuss expectations of the position and how the student is not meeting them as well as a performance improvement plan.
  • You must consult with your departmental HR to ensure you have followed all required protocols for termination.
  • The student must be notified in writing/email of their termination prior to any action being taken.
  • Supervisors terminating an employee should complete the termination request form available here.


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