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2018-19 Costs for Undergraduate Students

last update 1/08/2018  |  2017-18 Undergraduate Costs

These budgets reflect our best estimate of student costs at UNC Chapel Hill.

Beginning in 2016-2017, each entering class of North Carolina resident undergraduates has “fixed tuition” — a rate locked in for eight consecutive semesters. That means tuition costs may vary by class year.

For budget information about specific departments or programs, please contact our office.

Student Health Insurance is not included in the cost of attendance budget. If you enroll in the Student Blue Health Insurance, you can request a budget adjustment here.


Living In Residence Hall/Apartment With Parents
Tuition & Fees $8,910 $8,910
Housing 6,610 0
Meals 4,580 3,054
Books/Supplies 948 948
Travel 804 804
Loan Fees 54 54
Personal 1,828 1,828
  Total $23,734 $15,598


Living In Residence Hall/Apartment Living With Parents
Tuition & Fees $34,938 $34,938
Housing 6,610 0
Meals 4,580 3054
Books/Supplies 948 948
Travel 1,676 1,676
Loan Fees 54 54
Personal 1,828 1,828
  Total $50,634 $42,498

About These Costs

These costs form the basis for financial aid calculations. They represent our best estimate of what an average student might spend. Some will spend more, others less, depending on individual choices and circumstances. But we have to set a standard budget for aid purposes.

Costs for the upcoming academic year are posted after estimates for books and supplies, food and housing, and personal expenses/transportation are set by the University. Costs may be updated again if the state legislature alters the final costs for tuition and fees.