Work-Study Student Resources

Welcome Students!


The following information can help you to understand the work-study student process. Prior to accessing the JobX site to apply for positions, you will complete the six steps below.

Annual Student Requirements


Once hired you will meet with your employer’s HR Officer to complete four
benefits enrollment processes:

  • I‐9 Verification
  • Federal Payroll withholding (for federal taxes)
  • NC Payroll withholding (for state taxes)
  • Direct Deposit Enrollment (may not be required for off‐campus positions)

You will need to provide certification documents for the I‐9 process. You can find a full list of acceptable documents here.


On or before the first day of work:

  • If you are working on-campus you will meet with your supervisor to complete University‐required training on the TIM system, which you will use to log your work hours for payroll purposes
  • If you are working off‐campus you will be trained on job‐specific systems.

You will also be provided with any required training on topics such as confidentiality,
workplace safety, or material handling. Supervisors will also use this time to help you become better acquainted with your workplace and duties. This usually includes:

  • Tours of the workplace
  • Introduction to coworkers
  • Training on workplace equipment


Resources are updated annually for the upcoming year.

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Professional Tips

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Work-Study To Loan Conversion Form

If you find that you need to convert part of your work-study to a loan or if you are unable to participate in work-study and want to convert the award offer into a loan, you can do so by clicking the button below to access our forms page. You will find the form under the 'Loan Forms' heading.


Email our work-study team with any additional questions you have.